Galway Bay

Well, live and learn.  There are several versions of the song, “Galway Bay.”

There’s the slow, slightly sappy classic popularized by Bing Crosby and sung here with a slightly faster tempo (and within a landscape I recognize!) by Foster and Allen.

There’s a rude riff on the classic, generating a drinking song.  That’s where slightly sappy will take you, given enough exposure.

And there’s the classic version, blessedly shortened by Johnny Cash.   Less can be more.

But however many versions there are, we were unable to execute the song’s instruction to watch the sun go down on Galway Bay, on any of the three nights we were in our hotel right on that Bay.  Like Canada’s we(s)t coast, Ireland’s is subject to ample rain, fog, and overcast conditions.

On our last morning there, however, we were able to watch the sun come up on Galway Bay.

2-photo collage of sunrise on Galway BayThere’s also at least one other “Galway Bay” – a traditional song – sung here by Dolores Keane.



    1. Isabel Gibson

      John – Galway Bay runs east/west, so from the north side where we were, you can see both sunset and sunrise, weather permitting. The town’s vantage point (more at the end of the Bay than along it) is primarily west-facing.

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