Upon Reflection

With the dental hygiene appointment having run a tad overtime, I can almost hear the parking meter — which is now several blocks away — counting down.  With some time pressure and with the wintry wind cutting between the buildings, I’m hoofing it pretty smartly through Ottawa’s mean streets.  Or so I think until I note women of an uncertain age passing me pretty regularly. Sigh.

Never mind.  I’m on a mission to get some exterior shots of Centre Block before the 10-year renovations begin. Who knows what it’ll look like next year? 

I get my record shot, so I can track the visible changes over the next decade.  The equipment out front is for the lighting of the Hill for Christmas, rather than for construction.

A plain shot of Centre Block before the renovations begin in 2019I get my arty shots, because it’s a beautiful blue-sky day, and who knows how long it will be before these views are available again?

Arty views of the Peace Tower on Parliament HillBut I do not get the video I had on my wish list.  A group of indigenous protestors, whose signs indicate some dissatisfaction with the AFN, are gathered all around the eternal flame and I judge that this is not the moment to start taking video.

But as I hot-foot it back to my car, there are happy surprises to more than offset the disappointment.

Reflections of West Block in two buildingsDistorted lights reflected in office buildingWindow washer/repairer hanging against high-rise


  1. Jim Taylor

    OMG, those are spectacular reflections. But as I looked at the second pic up from the bottom, I couldn’t help wondering what they are reflections of. It’s almost like a poem in Chinese characters….
    Jim T

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Judith – Thanks again. Another reminder that I should remember to photograph the city I live in, where I can choose my days and lighting conditions, more or less.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Tom – I know! I pointed him out to a passerby on the street who laughed and said, “They don’t get paid enough.” And it hardly matters how much they do get paid, it can’t be enough . . .

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