Less-than-Super Blood Moon

What a thrill!  A lunar eclipse.  In the early evening, in my time zone.  On a warm-enough night.

What a disappointment! A cloudy night, fuzzifying the moon and eliminating any colour from the equation.  Dagnab it.

I went out anyway, just because.  Because I’d already assembled my camera equipment.  Because I’d figured out where the moon would be, when, and where it would be going.  Because I’d chosen a location that would capitalize on those facts.

First I went into the backyard, to catch the full and uneclipsed moon low-ish in the sky.  Then I drove to a local park, to catch the Earth’s shadow halfway up the moon.

2-photo collag eof supposed super blood moon, 20 Jan 2019Here’s what other people got – to see and to photograph.  How annoying is that?  And how splendid?



  1. Jim Taylor

    YOU shoulda come to the Okanagan for your winter holiday. It has been almost as warm as Arizona, and we had a spectacular blood wolf supermoon (spell correct tried twice to give me “supermen”) on view.
    Jim T

  2. Tom Watson

    I tried to reply and say, “We had a beautiful view of the blood moon in Southwest Manitoba where I was.” But the site told me I’d already said that, so it was a duplicate comment.
    Now, I’ve been sitting here in Winnipeg airport for over three hours and have two more to go, so maybe I’m losin’ it, but I don’t remember saying that before.

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