Mid-Week Movie #22: Batdog!

Don’t you wish everyone took this much pleasure in their work?

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6 Responses to Mid-Week Movie #22: Batdog!

  1. Marilyn Smith says:

    Great video! I didn’t know there were such talented dogs employed at baseball games, but am not surprised. And coincidentally, I caught this video on the news just yesterday! https://katu.com/news/offbeat/bat-dog-brings-water-to-umpire-at-minor-league-baseball-game. Looks like they love their work!

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Marilyn – LOL – Thanks for the link. They do indeed seem to be eternally enthusiastic.

  2. Tom Watson says:

    Now, that’s a hoot! No…more to the point, a woof, or maybe an arf!

  3. Oh — I thought he was going to bat a ball with the bat,
    but then he/she (?) wouldn’t be called a “bat dog”, but a “bitch hitter”. Groan.

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