Spring Flowers, Waterton Lakes & Glacier National Parks

Even at the slight elevations the Big Guy and I are capable of reaching in our hikes, it’s clear that there’s no time to waste.  Spermatophytes from shrubs to grasses live by a clear principle:

Make baby plants while the sun shines.

And while I resent any interlopers in my city garden, I appreciate wildflowers in, well, the wild.  

Spring flowers in Waterton LakesSpring wildflowers in Glacier National ParkSpring wildflowers in Glacier National ParkGrasses in flower


  1. Jim Taylor

    Interesting — I keep learning something. The late Bob Hatfield used to time his summer hikes for the last week in July, because he said that was the week when the wildflowers were at their best. Indeed, where I have gone hiking in that week, the mountain meadows are aflame with colour. I had not expected that many wildflowers in June.
    JIm T

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim – We saw great wildflowers in Yellowstone around the 3rd week of July, but one test hardly makes a decent sample. Waterton has its wildflower festival in mid-June (14th to 19th this year, I think). The Going-to-the-Sun Road opens for complete transit on 22 Jun, so I figured they were at least partly looking for things to extend their season.

  2. John H

    Here is a poem of sorts for your Festival in praise of Dandelions.
    from the West of England


    Stiff with pride they
    Reached toward the sun.
    With golden light,
    They urged my mind
    To deeper thoughts.

    A thousand couplings
    In each head –
    A field of tumultuous orgy,
    Destined to last,
    At best, a day or two.

    Such was the field
    I called my heart,
    Which God had tilled
    In which to sow
    The seeds of Love.

    Oh golden host
    Grow strong.
    Give out your joy.
    Transform the light
    For all to share.

    Mendips, Somerset 1978

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