Oyster-Shucking-Holder-Thingy Face

For every food (Turn, turn, turn)
There is a gadget (Turn, turn, turn)
And an end for every seafood under Heaven.

Maybe not. But there is an oyster-shucking holder thingy, and this one had a face. Say, “Ahhhh.”

Face on oyster-shucking holder



  1. Ralph

    It easily is the cleanest oyster-shucking-holder-thingy that I’ve seen. I can say this with reasonable confidence because it also is the only such thingy I have seen.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim T – You put the oyster in lengthwise, push the top down and clamp your hand around the end. In theory this immobilizes the oyster while you lever the shucking knife into the shell’s crack.

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