Upside Down and Downside Down

Fun photos aren’t always technically good. The birds and the light, for example, don’t always cooperate at the same time; the background may present distractions that I can’t get rid of.

But some images make me smile anyway: just because they’re cute, or just because I can hear Phoenix calling.

2-photo collage with vertical theme


  1. Barbara Carlson

    Saw my first icicles my first winter in Canada — in 1965. Heard my first joke about them as murder weapons… first thought how one could break them off and suck on them until I was told not to — they contain all the crap they’re attached to. Now I just look and marvel how some are waaaay longer than others.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Barbara – Imagine not growing up with icicles! Mind you, I met a woman from Yuma AZ who said their kids learning to read in Grade One had no experience to link with Dick and Jane splashing in puddles.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Judith – Yes, I have no idea why he (she?) didn’t just hop down to a lower branch and reach up for the berries. Maybe because it didn’t have to. Quite amazing.

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