Upside Down and Downside Down

Fun photos aren’t always technically good. The birds and the light, for example, don’t always cooperate at the same time; the background may present distractions that I can’t get rid of.

But some images make me smile anyway: just because they’re cute, or just because I can hear Phoenix calling.

2-photo collage with vertical theme

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8 Responses to Upside Down and Downside Down

  1. Tom Watson says:


  2. Tom Watson says:

    You like birds. There was a bird that played a central role in “Watership Down.” Just sayin’.

  3. Barbara Carlson says:

    Saw my first icicles my first winter in Canada — in 1965. Heard my first joke about them as murder weapons… first thought how one could break them off and suck on them until I was told not to — they contain all the crap they’re attached to. Now I just look and marvel how some are waaaay longer than others.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Barbara – Imagine not growing up with icicles! Mind you, I met a woman from Yuma AZ who said their kids learning to read in Grade One had no experience to link with Dick and Jane splashing in puddles.

  4. Love your bird shot! Very unusual pose. And the icicles are wonderful, full of action, yet essentially graphic.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Judith – Yes, I have no idea why he (she?) didn’t just hop down to a lower branch and reach up for the berries. Maybe because it didn’t have to. Quite amazing.

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