If 100 People Lived on Earth

It would be strangely quiet. Likely boring, too.

But the point of this video (modified slightly from a three-year-old video by GOOD Magazine) is not about there being only 100 people: 100 is small enough to visualize and understand.

Some of these proportions suffer from rounding more than others, I expect, but it’s still an interesting way to look at who we are as humans and how we share the planet.  Another way of considering exactly where we are.



      1. barbara

        That was over years ago! Now I just listen to their stories which they are so eager to tell. I’m filling up another journal binder with “Stranger Talk” — stay tuned.

  1. Jim Taylor

    I used to do something similar, back in the days when I sometimes led workshops for the United Church’s Mission and Service Fund. Assuming there were about 100 people in the room, I’d have them all stand up. Then I’d have a certain number (I don’t recall the details any more, but it was similar to your video clip) sit down because they went to bed hungry that night. A number more, because they couldn’t read or write. A number more, who had no education beyond, say, Grade 6… and so on.
    Usually, I could end up with one or two people left standing, who represented the relatively affluent western nations.
    Churches are really good at “guilt trips.”

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim – LOL. When I did a few talks to schools for Operation Eyesight I did the same thing. Ten stand up representing people with cataracts and then 4 sit down right away because they live where they can get surgery for them. For me the challenge is to try on different perspectives without getting into the negative aspects of guilt.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Barry – IKR? I seem to remember that in the North American adult population the male/female split is 48/52. But then you have to account for the Chinese, whose live births disproportionately favour males, or so I’ve heard. And the phone could be because many in the developing world use it for banking/cash – they have no access to bricks & mortar banks.

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