What Do You Want?

It’s an iconic scene from an iconic movie. I don’t know how many takes it took to get the intonation just right.

What *do* you want?


When peering through a camera’s viewfinder, I sometimes find someone peering back at me. These photos seem to ask a similar yet entirely different question: One made different only by a changed intonation.

What do *you* want?

Ibis looking back at me
White ibis
Roseate spoonbill with fishy stare
Roseate spoonbill

Iguana looking back at camera

Roseate spoonbill with a fishy stare
Roseate spoonbill


  1. Alison Uhrbach

    I do think you should take up the challenge and try and paint one of these lovely photos! or knit on! whatever helps you to keep your equilibrium the next 14 days and beyond

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Alison – So far, knitting is winning out . . . 🙂 That and figuring out how to get what I want, reliably, from online grocery services. Yesterday I ordered pork chops (package of 2) and received instead 2 striploin beef steaks and a package of sliced pork bellies.

        1. Isabel Gibson

          Barbara – Maybe. I’d have expected a notification. Indeed, their system allows for authorized replacements. I suspect my selections got mixed up with someone else’s. Turns out there were other things missing – showing as selected but not delivered. Not charged, either. But not here . . .

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Laurna – Yeah, I’m a little afraid of iguanas. They look pretty serious at the best of times, whereas birds are often whimsical. Re movies, apparently “Contagion” is high on the streaming hot list. You’d think people would want a break . . .

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