Mary Lou and Me

I feel like myself again.
Mary Lou Retton

Has she recovered from COVID-19? Gone through successful addiction treatment? Escaped from a cult?

No, Mary Lou Retton — whom I last heard of as the women’s gold-medal gymnast at the 1984 Olympics when she was 16 and I was twice that — that very same Mary Lou Retton is now a paid spokesperoffspring for Amberen.

What is Amberen? I’m glad you asked.

Clinically proven to relieve
12 menopause symptoms.

How can that be? How can teenaged Mary Lou Retton be qualified to tout a menopause drug/supplement? Well, the girlish girl with the million-watt smile is now 52 years old. I did the arithmetic. And let’s see, if I’m twice as old, that makes me 104. Which explains a lot.

No, Isabel, don’t be silly.
You’re still just 16 years older than Mary Lou
which makes you, um, coming up hard on 68.

Thank goodness there were no numbers to carry in that calculation. And although it’s a definite shock to my system to realize that little Mary Lou Retton is about ten years older than my own mental image of myself, I’m glad to realize that doesn’t make me 104. Indeed, I almost feel like myself again.


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4 Responses to Mary Lou and Me

  1. barbara says:

    It’s easy to make mistakes these days. I emptied the first load of washing from the dryer. I turned around to start the second wash — and seeing it 1/2 full — I turned back around and gathered all the clean, just dried laundry from the counter and stuffed IT into the washer… mindfulness much?

  2. Dave Jobson says:

    Y= b*X VS Y= b + X;

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