Another Another

Another summer, another trip to White Lake.

Another heat wave, another morning ride on the pontoon boat.

Another glimpse of the stalwarts: the ospreys that nest along a quiet stretch of shoreline; the loons that teach their brood to fish just offshore; the moths and dragonflies that flit about the weedy shore.

Osprey in messy nest atop a white spruce

The zoomed view on the left; the cropped view on the right.

Adult loon feeding two babies

“This is what you’re looking for . . .”

Collage of moth

“Catch me (being still) if you can . . .”

Dragonfly and butterfly in good light

Dragon-fly and butter-fly

And another bonus sighting.

Bald eagle in canonical pose

“I am smiling.”

Bald eagle launching from tree

“Ready? Set. Go!”

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4 Responses to Another Another

  1. Jim Taylor says:

    OMG Isabel, gorgeous photos.
    Jim T

  2. Tom Watson says:

    What amazing pictures!

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