Surprise Surprise

That’s always the way it goes: Everything’s normal until it isn’t.

On and off for the last few weeks I’ve been editing text about hazardous materials (hazmat) and how to handle it. You know the sort of thing I mean, or maybe you don’t, but think toxic chemicals used for cleaning, fuel, used engine oil, pesticides. Hazmat.

Anyway, as I was walking back to my office from the microwave about an hour ago, I saw a guy getting into a full-body, white hazmat suit out front of the house. Good heavens.

He had his back to me but I could see that the suit had full foot and hand coverings. He was adjusting the collar before putting on his helmet.

By this time I was hollering for the Big Guy to come see.

Then the guy pulled on a bright yellow vest over his hazmat suit. For visibility in traffic? What?

Then he pulled on a purple jacket.

That’s when I realized my neighbourhood was not under attack by chemical, radiological, or biological agents.

Well, I guess biological applies: In an “animal, vegetable, mineral” classification, he’s definitely animal. But it’s not exactly an attack.

What?! Full hazmat suit:
White boots and gloves. Helmet next.
Oh. Easter Bunny.

Thus does our work permeate our lives. Thus do subconscious expectations, however unlikely, override perceptions.


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6 Responses to Surprise Surprise

  1. Love it! Great Easter surprise, and elegant bunny. Happy Easter.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Judith – And to you. I was a bit disappointed to discover that we were not the target household.

  2. The Hazmat Hare seems at least as unlikely an apparition as someone in a Hazmat suit in these pandemic times. Just how “normal” are folks like these in your neighbourhood, Isabel? Or in any neighbourhood? I must be waaaay behind the times. He makes me think more of Alice in Wonderland than of Easter, although he seems to have misplaced his timepiece.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – I guess he could go either way – Alice or Easter. His helper was, I believe, one of the Disney princesses but I don’t know which one. That’s an even odder pairing.

  3. John Whitman says:

    Isabel – is this further proof that people will always believe what they want to believe – until proven definitively that they were incorrect in the first instance?

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      John – 🙂 Yes, I think so. We see what we (half) expect to see even if it doesn’t make any sense. Or isn’t right.

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