Redux: Dog Jackets

Further to our conversations (here and here) about dog jackets, this week the universe had this comment.

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2 Responses to Redux: Dog Jackets

  1. John Whitman says:

    Isabel – looks impressive, but the head is still unprotected. Also, are they real metal spikes, or are they rubber?
    When I was the BTSO at CFB Suffield in the early 1990’s , the PMQ residents used to lose about one small pet a month, either to coyotes or Great Horned Owls. It was usually a case of the unfortunate resident putting ‘Fluffy’ out to do his/her business just before going to bed and ‘Fluffy’ never coming back.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      John – I don’t know whether the spikes are metal or rubber. They look real enough to deter *me* from picking up a small dog, especially with my mouth, but coyotes may be made of tougher stuff. I can well believe that coyotes and owls would hunt small pets, especially on the margins of built-up areas.

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