Great Blue Heron on Bad Hair Day

The wind whips my double-chin-length hair around my head, into my eyes, and in front of the camera lens.

At one level, I’m glad to see it isn’t just moi, as Miss Piggy would say.

At another level, I admire his (?) stoicism.


Close-up of great blue heron with head feathers disarranged by wind.
Great Blue Heron – A Bad Hair Day

Click on photo for a larger view.



    1. Isabel Gibson

      Ralph – Yes indeed, although I’d hate to be a fish on the receiving end of the strike of that bill. I’ve often been relieved that I’m too big to qualify as lunch!

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Judith – He (?) certainly seemed indifferent to my presence. I guess if you hang out on a public beach in Biloxi, you get accustomed to a certain amount of traffic.

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