Dragonfly at Lake of the Woods

I remember being thrilled to get a shot of something this small and flitty with my pocket-sized point-and-shoot.

Now I’m disappointed when a similar shot isn’t tack-sharp, or when the right part of the photo isn’t sharp.  I wonder whether this change in standards means I’ve learned something.  Hope springs eternal!

The shot might be less than I’d be going for now, but it (and the dragonfly) still number among my favourites.

Close-up of blue and black dragonfly on elongated green leaf
Dragonfly, Pausing and Posing

Click on photo for larger view.


    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim R – Many thanks, Jim. Given that this was my point-&-shoot on automatic, I can’t take credit for the depth of field, but I do love the photo. And after all, I did see it and push the button!

  1. The improbable colouring of the creature joggles the imagination but metaphors fail. Surely the creature itself must be a metaphor but for some unlikely event just beyond my grasp. The dragonfly’s wing seems too delicate for work, yet it accomplishes the deft propulsion of its owner; such a metaphor informed a vision I once had and proved durable. But that painterly Morse Code of black and blue must serve a purpose I would need to know to borrow its meaning. A splendid mystery.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Laurna – Yes, there isn’t that much blue in flora or fauna so I’m not sure whether that colouring has any protective (as in camouflaging) effect or not. Maybe it helps them blend with the sky overhead as the zoom in so quietly on mosquitoes? Or maybe it just is what it is.

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