Duff Gibson & Jeff Pain: Where Are They Now?

In honour of Canada Day 2015 (just two years to go to the sesquicentennial!), here’s an update on Duff Gibson (no relation) and Jeff Pain, last seen in these pages teaching us about ourselves by going downhill, headfirst, on a cafeteria tray (and thank you, Cam Cole, for that ever-vivid image of skeleton racing).

Duff Gibson with his gold medal for skeleton racing
Duff Gibson

Today, Duff is:

  • the coach for the Canadian Skeleton Team
  • a member of the Calgary Fire Department
  • a husband and father of two boys
  • a tweeter (@DuffGibson) and blogger (Sport At Its Best)

You can read about his sporting career and his father’s date of birth (I can only report, I cannot explain) here.

Headshot of Jeff Pain, Canadian skeleton athlete
Jeff Pain

Today, Jeff Pain is, in his own words:

  • a life and performance coach
  • a speaker
  • an author
  • a performance expert, helping athletes be great, in and out of sport
  • a tweeter (@JeffPain)

You can read someone else’s words about Jeff and the enraged beaver on his helmet (I can only report . . .) here.

Happy Canada Day to two interesting and energetic Canadians!

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  1. Marion Neiman

    I’m dying to know what criteria you used to choose the bullet styles: hollow circles for Duff; black filled-in squares for Jeff. Was it to show that Duff is a lightweight or Jeff is solid and grounded? Maybe it’s their face shapes – I can see that Duff’s is more rounded while Jeff has a square jaw.
    LOL, couldn’t help myself, I’ve been editing all day!

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