Simpson’s Gap, Australia

A photo of rock formations at Simpson’s Gap provoke thoughts about explorers – Aboriginal and European.


Hot hot hot. OMG, it was hot.

As we ambled from air-conditioned bus to the base of Simpson’s Gap and back again, I spared a thought for previous generations who had no air-conditioned place of retreat, much less of conveyance. That great red centre of Australia was first inhabited by Aborigines and then explored by Europeans with no relief from the hot hot hot that I could hardly stand for 15 minutes. Some folks didn’t even get off the bus, after the first such midday foray.

I’m guessing the inhabitants and explorers were more interested in the scummy water at the base of the rock walls, than in the rock walls themselves, even though there seem to be two rock formations.


Looking up at two overhanging rock faces: one, red sandstone; one, red coglomerate.

Sandstone & Conglomerate Rock Walls Guard Simpson’s Gap


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2 Responses to Simpson’s Gap, Australia

  1. As the saying goes, “There was but a sheet of brown paper ‘twixt Simpson’s Gap and hell.”

    Air Conditioning is one of the top five things that advanced civilization to where we are today. But why or why do air-con’d places have the temp set so cold? A few degrees off outside and all would be well.

    You all out there can fill in the other four. Myself, I would put tooth repair & antibiotics way up there. But then, my goal in life is to get myself comfortable. I know, I know, not a very noble goal, but “comfortable” is a moveable feast of a word.

    I spent brief periods over the years in Palm Springs: one early May (!) day it was 111 F (in the shade) — I struggled to walk 40 feet. It was as if I was wearing a heavy hot-water-bottle bodysuit, pressing in on my lungs. Can’t imagine how residents survive there when it gets summer hot!

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Barbara – I’ve never heard that saying. Who had the sheet of brown paper? As for the “Top 5” – that bears some thought. But I’d broaden “air conditioning” to “internal climate control” in the sense of heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning. And can we pile on indoor plumbing? And hot showers? Maybe we need 5 categories.

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