Camel, Near-ish to Uluru

A photo of a smiling camel.  I think.


My memories of family vacations often don’t include the precise (or even the approximate) location of specific sights/sites/attractions.  I remember the exotic (as it was then) frozen chocolate pie we had for dessert in the campground, but not the location of that campground, if you see what I mean.  It’s not the same when you’re not the one doing the driving, or so says me.  Eating, however, was something that had my full attention.

As it was then, so it is now: I don’t always capture the details of my location when others are driving.  This photo, for example, was taken at a rest stop on our bus tour, somewhere en route from Alice Springs to Uluru.  Somewhere.

A chicken at heart, I passed on the camel ride.  Tell me there’s not something untrustworthy about that face . . .

Close-up of camel's face, with outthrust lower jaw.

I am smiling, damn it!

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8 Responses to Camel, Near-ish to Uluru

  1. Did you go native and measure distances in bottle of beer consumption required to get through it? Five hours = lots? Contributing factor?
    As for riding them, camels and llamas & horses = untrustworthy at best, uncomfortable at worst.

    • Isabel Gibson

      Barbara – I’ve heard that their beer is very weak, perhaps as befits regular consumption in a hot hot hot country, but I’d never heard of that equivalence factor.

  2. Jim Powers

    Hey! That looks like the one that carried me around the corral.

    • Isabel Gibson

      Jim P – Well, it might have been. But they all look pretty much alike to me . . .

      • Jim Powers

        Naah, I checked the pictures. Mine didn’t have the green halter. Might have been a cousin, though.

  3. John Whitman

    Viewed face-on, your camel looks very much like the camels I saw around Cairo and in the Sinai Desert. Now, if you had been a bit more adventurous, you might have managed to get a picture like the one below, i.e. the one your blog won’t accept in a reply. Fear not, it will follow in a separate email. Picture of John on camel with pyramids at Giza in background to follow.
    John W

    • Isabel Gibson

      John – Yes, a coward dies a thousand deaths. I just didn’t want my one actual to be death by camel.