Into the Depths

Reflections in a glass ornament provoke reflections on photography.


Taking photographs changes how I see the world, at least temporarily.

Camera in hand, I see things I would otherwise miss:

  • Scenes unified by splashes of colour
  • Interesting shapes
  • Funny signs
  • Close-up views of objects I pass by every day

The result doesn’t need to be a photograph for the ages – although one always hopes! It’s enough that it be a reminder to me.


Almost monochrome close-up of multiple, distorted tree reflections in glass Xmas ball with ridged edge.

Into the Depths


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6 Responses to Into the Depths

  1. Jim Robertson says:

    Good points Isabel

  2. Sometimes I would have to look at the many photos I took on a trip to really see what I had seen. Cameras are magic boxes: When I was taking a photo of John throwing a little snowball at me, I was so surprised when it hit me — I thought I was immune from harm, behind behind the lens.

    One of our studio visitors was at the stage door when a very famous young singer (can’t remember who now) came out. She put up her camera to her eyes (yes, it was that long ago) and followed his every move, as he stopped & talked to the group of kids so patiently. “He must have thought I was odd, for I never put down the camera — and when he finally left, I realized I had not taken a single photo!”

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Barbara – I’m so disappointed when I don’t get the image I’d hoped for – but so happy when my camera shows me something I didn’t see. In between is the area of getting what I intended/hoped for – vanishingly small some days.

      • You’re not alone — in art books and museums we see the same 15 or 20 famous paintings by famous artists who felt the same way I am sure.
        When John and I were in London we went to the British Museum and requested a solander box full of Ingres drawings. Many, many of them were just awful. But did that stop him?

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