Red-billed Gull, Tiritiri Matangi

Off the city of Auckland lies an island nature preserve called Tiritiri for short.  They’ve gone to a lot of effort to eradicate non-native species of animals (especially rats) and are working on non-native, invasive plants.  It’s a great place to see birds that are rare elsewhere in New Zealand.

Being an island, though, it’s also visited by common birds, like the red-billed gull.  Again, sometimes the fun doesn’t lie in the identification . . .

Redbilled gull at Tiritiri Matangi, NZ.
Now where did I leave my glasses?


    1. Isabel Gibson

      Alison – He really does, and yes it is neat. While in the Galapagos taking pictures of the blue-footed booby, I mused about trying to get pictures of all booby species, including the red-footed one. Different islands, different seasons, I think, so quite impractical. But a cool idea.

  1. Tiritiri Matangi sounds like the refrain for a song and this gull is decked out for vaudeville. When it finds those glasses, and a tiny little cane, I can picture its geriatric song and dance to the rhythm of the waves, Tiritiri Matangi.

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