Traffic Signs, Edinburgh and Inuvik

When I think about it, I find that I have at least one more conscious photo collection: signs.

What with different English dialects around the world, and different traffic situations, I guess it’s not surprising that these signs could only be where I actually saw them.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Red and white traffic sign in Edinburgh: Changed Priorities Ahead


Inuvik, NT

Black and white traffic sign: Stop for Pedestrian (singular)



  1. Tom Watson

    Ach, lassie…what is the meaning of the sign “changed priorities ahead?” It reminds me of the only time we were ever in Edinburgh. Coming away from the Edinburgh Castle, I asked a parking attendant, who was removing money from street meters, how to get to St. Andrews. Even though he repeated it twice, I still didn’t understand what he said except that it had something to do with crossing the Firth of Forth, and I knew that before I asked.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Tom – Yes, you’d think if we all spoke English it would be OK. I wonder if they find us as tricky to understand as we do them. I believe that “changed priorities ahead” means that they have lanes that switch direction depending on the time of day, the better to accommodate rush-hour traffic. Of course, it could be just a comment on life in general . . .

  2. Tom Watson

    I consulted with a friend who emigrated from Edinburgh and still has a flat there. Here’s his reply as to the sign’s meaning.
    “I haven’t seen it, but I think it indicates that the right of way has changed at a round about or such. I don’t think they announce alteration to government policy this way, although maybe more people would notice if they did!!”

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