Sign & Bridge, Scotland

There’s an old politically incorrect joke about signs in a European train, presented here in translated form:

  • It is unwise to stick your head out the window – Italian
  • Please refrain from sticking your head out the window – French
  • Do not stick your head out the window – English
  • It is forbidden to stick your head out the window – German

The Sign

This sign reminds me of that joke. It isn’t telling you what to do; it’s merely informing you of something you might want to know.

Sign saying: It is dangerous to go onto the old bridge

The Bridge

Which, of course, raises the question of why the old bridge is dangerous. If you raise your eyes, this is what you see . . .

Arched stone bridge with 5-foot displacement in arch.

All right then. Good safety tip.


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  1. Sid says:


    I knew you were a closet engineer!


    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Sid – I have built some fine closets in my time, I tell you. You are my first just-out-of-the-hospital-after-heart-valve-replacement commenter, Sid – congratulations and get well soon!

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