Foothills and Mountains, Patagonia AZ

Arizona is a ruggedly beautiful state, and no two bits of it seem to be the same, even the bits that are desert or high desert.

These pictures were taken in the late afternoon near Patagonia State Park, very near the border with Mexico.

Late afternoon light on foothills rising to mountains; bright blue sky.

Late afternoon light on rolling hills and mountains in southern AZ.

Late afternoon light on foothills rising to mountains; cloud-hazed sky.


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4 Responses to Foothills and Mountains, Patagonia AZ

  1. Jim Robertson says:

    Nice sampling of the area’s landscape. We didn’t get that far south.

  2. Warm is good. Formidably dry is scary. The building appears to be situated near water. I wonder how far one has to travel to find the next life-sustaining stream or oasis? I must think like a pioneer when I see these pictures because I read so many American pioneer stories in childhood. They inspired the settings of much science fiction for the same reasons the first astronauts used Sudbury, Ontario, environs as training grounds for their projected (in two senses) moon walks. Extraterrestrial territory is like the most inhospitable environments on terra firma. But I hear the Sons of the Pioneers singing about tumbleweed as they come over a ridge.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – Water runs downhill, but there are lots of dry washes and arroyos in that part of the world, for sure. And here’s the link to Sons of the Pioneers, singing two appropriate songs.

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