Desert Vista, Las Vegas NV

We have driven from Phoenix to Las Vegas: not to gamble, not even to go to a show.  No, we’re here to see family who live in Yellowknife and who have arranged their spring break itinerary to provide a stopover within driving distance of our snowbird stomping grounds.

We putter around town, seeing the Strip in full daylight (not its finest hour), hanging out at the pool while the kids splish splash, and driving out to Red Rock Canyon.

Successive layers of red, beige and purple rock, with scrub desert in foreground.

Wow.  Even without climbing or hiking gear, we have a spectacular view.  Who knew that Las Vegas was situated in such scenic desert?


  1. Mary Elford

    Thank you for sharing your photos, Isabel. They are gorgeous.
    In the ‘riddle’ one, I didn’t look very hard for the tarantula, and I didn’t find it, either.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Mary – Thanks! I’m glad you enjoy them. And, no, the view the photographer chose sort of obscured the spider, for whatever reason. I did see one come out of its hole, but they’re even faster than small birds!

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