Sloth, Colon

From the point of view of “photographic difficulty, ” the polar opposite of flitty little birds is surely the sloth.

A shame it isn’t more, umm, more photogenic.

At least this one had the courtesy to hang upside down on a relatively low hanging branch, thereby allowing the close-up.

Sleeping sloth


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4 Responses to Sloth, Colon

  1. Sid says:

    Somewhat remind me of myself on my morning cardio workouts. This morning I actually passed a couple going the same way but then an elderly lady blasted by me and put me back in my place. Perhaps I could find a place on the branch.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Sid – I hate those old ladies! Wait a minute -I almost am one. If you’re taking a break, though, I recommend a bench in lieu of a branch.

  2. Jim Robertson says:

    They do love to hang out on high branches, congrats on finding a low slung fellow to pose for you.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim R – Yes, our guides were wonderful. I have another shot of a sloth near Arenal volcano – blurry and indistinguishable – so was delighted to see this guy!

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