Bridge, Charleston SC

Google Images shows that many people find good places to stand to take a picture of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge over the Cooper River in Charleston SC.

But sometimes the shot through the car windshield is fine, too.


Looking straight up at cables on bridge over Cooper River.




  1. WOW!! Definitely not just another picture from your car. Most people find it difficult to find the defining shot, whereas you seem to have an instinct for nailing them. The fact that it has a point of view makes it even more arresting.

      1. Saw a wonderful documentary last weekend on flying Canada’s Lancaster to England to give air shows with the only other remaining Lancaster in the world that still can fly. A two-hour doc. I heard it go over The Highlands Condo one day and thought my heart would jump out of my body! Cannot image the thrill of seeing hundreds of them in formation overhead during the war heading for the continent. Over 55,000 men died in those planes fighting for freedom. Lest we forget.
        (I know, I thought I misheard the number of parts…must look that up later.)

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