Ice Storm, Carlsbad Caverns NM

Last week I had redbud, this week I have snoooo(w)
I got the livin’ in Ontario, will-it-ever-be-springtime blues.

– with apologies to Working at the Woolco Manager Trainee Blues

This was taken near Carlsbad Caverns last January, but it sorta sums up how I feel about the 10 to 20 cm of snow coming tomorrow. Here. Dagnab it.

Desert vegetation covered in ice



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2 Responses to Ice Storm, Carlsbad Caverns NM

  1. What are those dead things in the road. Lions? Really big rats? Deliciously disturbing. 😀

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Barbara – Yikes. I wasn’t disturbed about them until now, thanks very much. But I’m pretty sure they’re plant matter.

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