Canoe, Dock and Rope, Lake of the Woods ON

I’m sittin’ on the dock of the bay . . .

Otis Redding

Echo Bay, that is, so no tide to roll away.

Anyway, you know those funky geometric photos? The ones that just look cool, but you’re not sure why?

I’m still trying to break the code . . .


Canoe on a wooden dock

Posted in small format so you can see the whole thing at once. Click on the image if you want a larger view.



    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim R – There, you see, I don’t even have the concepts. Sometimes I think I see something – sometimes it doesn’t turn out and I don’t know why.

  1. A little trick to composition — if there is a strong horizontal, make a slightly less strong vertical. Same with strong lines at angles — use angles opposite each other. In the above photo, I would have moved the canoe’s “top” to the right a bit more and the rope down leftish. And never, ever, take a line exactly into a corner. But you knew that.

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