Brown Pelican, Huntington Beach State Park SC

It’s possible that I have whined in these pages about the difficulty of getting good photographs of small birds.

Bigger birds are better. Not good, necessarily, but better.

Brown pelican feeding, with neck pouch extended.

Brown pelican, extending neck pouch.

And sometimes, it just makes sense to adapt the medium to the subject.




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4 Responses to Brown Pelican, Huntington Beach State Park SC

  1. Jim Taylor says:

    Once upon a time, Joan and I used to spend part of our winters in the Caribbean, or similar. I watched pelicans (brown? I don’t remember anymore) fishing. They fly along, big and more or less graceful birds — all birds in flight look graceful to me — but their fish-catching habit was anything but graceful. They hit the water in a Beetle-Bailey tangle of neck and bill and wings, which eventually resolved itself into a pelican sitting on the water with a beakful of… of… well, who knows. But it swallowed it anyway, and then lifted off in search of more things to crashwater on.
    Jim T

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim – I wonder why all of those diving-from-a-height birds don’t smash their brain cases when they hit the water. But I think pelicans are even funnier when coming in to land on water (as opposed to fishing). All of a sudden they seem to put the brakes on in a big panic, and then Sploosh! They’re down.

  2. Mary Elford says:

    Neat photos, Isabel! Thank you for lightening my day!

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