Beach, Galapagos

What’s not to like about the Galapagos?

Well, maybe San Cristobal Island’s aggressive sea lions, which guarded the path between the spot where we jumped out of the zodiac and this picturesque beach.

Horseshoe bay with blue-green water and impending storm clouds




  1. Jim Taylor

    I lose track of which gorgeous beach was which, on which island…. There was one island, right on the equator, which had a narrow isthmus of sand and palms leading out to a rocky piton. I wanted to settle there for life. “Oh Marianne, oh Marianne….” Except that there would have been a distinct shortage of drinkable water. And the same aggressive sea lions. Oh well. Jim T

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim T – Yes, I have a vague idea of which was which only because I labelled my photos at the time. And I wouldn’t swear that I got it right. But at this remove, what matter? As for “Oh Marianne” – new to me. As for wanting to settle in a vacation spot – yes, many times.

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