Beach, Olympic Peninsula

It’s hard to believe how different beaches can be – from the sun-warmed sands of the Galapagos to the rain-drenched shores of the Olympic Peninsula, west of Seattle.  I took this as we trudged along Rialto Beach early in the morning, headed for a locally famous low-tide view of a gap in the (wet, slippery, and jagged) rocks.

This scene en route wasn’t pretty, exactly, but beautiful in its own way.

Black and white view of rainy-day beach with rock pinnacles



  1. Barry

    It seems to me that the difference between your two photos is the sky.

    This picture has a sky of zero interest whereas in the Galapagos shot you are interested in the sky which has even more effect than the monochromatic vs colour.

  2. I much prefer the Rialto Beach photo, which looks like a theatrical set for a mystery or a scene from a novel. The shapes, weights, contrasts between objects immobile and in some kind of motion — wave, tide, sand erosion, precarious tree growth, clouds — tickle the imagination. Splendid.

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