Sky, Ottawa

Was it Plato who wrote about seeing the world in reflected form? Yes and no: It turns out that what I misremember from a first-year philosophy class was something about how people who live in a cave, seeing only shadows of real things, would come to think that those shadows are all that exists. It would take a philosopher to leave the cave and see the world as it is.

I don’t do so well photographing shadows, but when I leave my cave, I like to find reflections – reflections in water, reflections in glass – even though I know they’re not all that exists. This creates awkward encounters, sometimes, as a driver returns to their car to find me taking a picture of it.

But sometimes I’m quick enough.

Almost black and white rendering of cloudy sky reflected in minivan window.

The Reflected Sky


Almost black and white view of cloudy sky in late afternoon.

The Actual Sky


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2 Responses to Sky, Ottawa

  1. Barry says:

    sky is beauty!

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Barry – I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a pilot likes interesting skies . . .

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