Austin State House, Austin TX

Hmm. My normally impeccable record-keeping may have let me down.

I have this 2004 photo labelled as Austin State House. When I Google that, I get sites for an upscale apartment building, as well as images of the Texas State Capitol building. It appears that this ambiguation is pervasive.

Anyway, this is what we’d call “the Ledge,” although we might spell it “the Leg,” being short for Legislature building.

I can’t remember whether I couldn’t get the whole ceiling in the frame, or whether I didn’t try, or whether I liked this view better. In any event, I kinda like this overhead shot just the way it is.

Overhead shot of cupola in State House, Austin.



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2 Responses to Austin State House, Austin TX

  1. Jim Robertson says:

    I kinda like the shot the way it is too Isabel. Domes are always hard to shoot.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim R – I’m still learning to try different things at the time – since I often can’t get back.

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