Blue Berries, Vancouver BC

That’s blue berries, not blueberries. The details can matter.

These were snuggling into the foliage of unidentified hedges.

Blue berries in close-up; blurred background.

Blue berries in background; blurred background



  1. Tom Watson

    They could possibly be either blue Virginia creepers or Nightshade. Both are poisonous.

    The rule of the thumb is to never eat berries that are on a vine.


    1. Isabel Gibson

      Tom – Our friends who were holding the camera thank you. It will be better if we don’t immortalize my entry or exit from a kayak in a photo.

  2. Ralph Milton

    Those are Oregon Grapes, and they grow all over the Okanagan. Wild, and in gardens. Beautiful yellow flowers that smell like cheap perfume in the spring, deep purple berries in the fall, multi-coloured leaves that last through the winter. Also, I am told the berries make great jelly but are very tart. I’ve not tried that, but I do know they taste very tart. Have never heard that they hurt anyone, and some birds eat them. Best to all . . .

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