High Level Bridge, Lethbridge

Having done no homework, I scanned the map quickly to see if there might be an interesting bridge in Lethbridge. Something I might go look at as we drove through, en route from Great Falls to Calgary.

Pulling off the freeway/highway, I snapped a shot of the High Level Bridge (aka the Lethbridge Viaduct) in the distance. Not satisfactory, actually, although it definitely caught the entire bridge.

View of High Level Bridge in distance, with freeway in foreground.

Complete, but not interesting.

I could see that a closer view wouldn’t allow me to capture the whole bridge. It was big. Later enquiries indicated that it’s the longest and highest trestle bridge in the world.

With the help of our phone navigator, we found a closer place for me to stand – and, overall, better, but I can see that this bridge could entertain me for a while.

Angled view of High Level Bridge and its reflection in Oldman River in foreground.

Interesting, but not complete.


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2 Responses to High Level Bridge, Lethbridge

  1. Alison says:

    Had a lovely walk close to the bridge last year with Lorna, and a friend of Ralph’s. I’m guessing we were on the opposite side of the river from your view?( we were on the West side) All I know is that it was very scenic.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Alison – As near as I can read the map, the Oldman River cuts through Lethbridge roughly north/south, so the bridge is roughly east/west. We were on its north side, I’d say, on the river’s west shore. And yes, scenic it is!

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