Reflections, Ottawa

As an opportunistic as opposed to planned-photo-shoot photographer, I take what I can get.

On this day, waiting for my ride home, what I got was distorted reflections, the likes of which I don’t usually see outside fun-house images in movies.

There’s a good explanation for why these reflections looked like this in what I assume are reasonably flat windows, an explanation grounded in the science of optics. I just don’t happen to know what it is.

But I can still enjoy the result.

Fun-house style reflections in three office windows


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2 Responses to Reflections, Ottawa

  1. Many of my favourite photos are distorted reflections in glass. This building may be old enough (like my house) to have windows that were made by hand by floating the molten glass on molten lead. In checking my memory, I found this site which indicates that some modern glass is made in a similar way.

    • Isabel Gibson

      Judith – Thanks for the link. It’s an office building, but maybe from the 1960s. Before seeing this, I wouldn’t have thought that was old enough for the glass to flow, but something is happening.