National Treasure #48: Lake O’Hara

It’s a pain to get to, but it’s worth it.

This pithy assessment is along the lines of the Buckley’s cough syrup slogan:

It tastes awful. And it works.

I’ve never been to Lake O’Hara but I have family members who rave about it, and my parents went there for years to hike, take photographs, and enjoy the view. And what’s not to enjoy?

View of glacier-blue lake with hill covered in spruce trees in background

Photo courtesy of Marjorie Gibson

There’s a lodge and a campsite (reservations recommended, available three months in advance). You can’t drive up, but you can take the bus, if you can get a spot on it. All in all, it seems like Parks Canada has its act together on this one: limiting access to maintain the spot in a condition that people will appreciate once they get there.

You can read more about it if you like, but it’s the pictures that really tell the story.


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4 Responses to National Treasure #48: Lake O’Hara

  1. Marion says:

    I’ve been there and it’s just as beautiful as the photographs show. Actually, more beautiful. One of those places that you can visualize to bring yourself to quiet and relaxed state of mind.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Marion – That’s quite a hike from Ottawa. Of course, having lived mostly in Alberta, I haven’t made it yet. Go figure.

  2. Ted Spencer says:

    Tangentially – and it’s a reach even for a tangent – we live in an old farmhouse in Grey County, apparently once home to 9 McMullen kids and, one assumes, their parents, one of whom – kid, not parent – apparently, married Mr. Buckley, he of the awful cough syrup. There’s a circularity to all things, and this is nowt but a grasping for another snake’s tail.

    Nice lake. Circular. In a tangential sort of way.

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