National Treasure #60: Rosebud, AB

Rosebud, Alberta is a hamlet in southern Alberta, Canada within Wheatland County. Previously an incorporated municipality, Rosebud dissolved from village status on January 1, 1946 to become part of the Municipal District of Grasswold No. 248. – Wikipedia

Why is a place that couldn’t even maintain village status a national treasure? Because it’s all about making pudding out of nothing, from its first settlers who decided they couldn’t do any better by going any further, to its current residents who are trying to make a go of Alberta’s only rural professional theatre.

In addition to the theatre and associated performing arts school, there are restaurants (open Wednesday to Saturday, but not in the winter), and an executive golf course, (named for a Blackfoot word that apparently means “by the river of many roses”), and a historical walking tour.

Close-up of red rose, just opening.

With about 88 residents in 2011 (down by 19% from 2006), Rosebud doesn’t have an ABM or a gas station. National treasures aren’t always on the grand scale.


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2 Responses to National Treasure #60: Rosebud, AB

  1. I can almost smell that rose. 😀

    I love little clusters like this. We purposefully went to Surprise, Nebraska, pop. 21.
    It was charming, with a river running through it, houses cost $3,000, there was a post office, 5 houses left to rot and ruin with trees growing into open windows…a pub, an opera house…and only 20 minutes from a major city (can’t remember it, except it had hideous Chinese food).

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Barbara – Hideous Chinese food, eh? I bet they don’t put that on their website. It seems sad that these little places can’t make a go of it – by which, I guess I mean they can’t get at least a little bigger. Rosebud is only 1.25 hours driving time from Calgary: in big centers, people routinely live that far from their work. But not many folks would drop by for coffee . .

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