Royal Alexandra Interprovincial Bridge, Ottawa

I’m dancing with the Alexandra Bridge (as the, ahem, locals refer to it, for good and obvious reasons).

I’m trying to find a place to stand that doesn’t involve getting my feet wet.   Or telescopic distances (Is there a bridge down there?). Or distracting background.  Or sun flare.  Or overcast skies.  (OK, that one doesn’t have anything to do with where I’m standing.)  Or some combination of the above.

It’s not the destination, it’s the journey, right?

Ground-level view of Alexandra Bridge from Ottawa side.

Ground-level view of Alexandra Bridge in distance, centered over Ottawa River.

View of Alexandra Bridge from Nepean Point.

The Alexandra Bridge will be the site of an interprovincial picnic on the bridge on 2017 Jul 02.  You can see why they chose it – such a lovely example of a steel truss bridge.



    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim R – Thanks, Jim. I’ve been back since, at sunset, and will post the best of that effort soonish. I’d like to try sunrise to get my preferred background.

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