National Treasure #69: Emily Carr

Emily Carr had varying levels of success with her painting through her life, but is today recognized as an icon in Canadian art. The art school on Granville Island in Vancouver bears her name.

Sign for art school

Front door of art school.

She was a chronicler of indigenous artifacts and way of life, both in her art and in her writing.

She was a contemporary of the Group of Seven and accepted by them as a member.

She was unsuitable as an instructor for ladies – something about smoking in class and cursing at the students.

She was a modernist, and post-impressionist.

She was a dog breeder and boarding-house landlady when she became disillusioned with her art career.

She created many iconic images.

The Vancouver Art Gallery and the National Gallery of Canada both feature her in their collections and on their websites.


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  1. Can’t stand her paintings, but loved her journals.

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