Rolling Hills, South Dakota

I seem to remember, in an irritatingly vague way, that most people appreciate rolling-hill landscapes because we evolved in the African savanna. If I were betting, I’d say it was something I read in a Steven Pinker book – maybe, How the Mind Works. Of course, maybe he made that up. Or maybe I made it up. See what I mean? Vague.


In any event and for whatever reason, I appreciate rolling-hill landscapes, especially in nice light. Herewith, three from Custer State Park, South Dakota. These are a lovely reminder that the landscape – other times, other places – is not always the snow and ice fog I see today out a Calgary window.

Late afternoon sunlight on rolling hills.

Late afternoon sun on rolling hills in Custer State Park, SD.

Late afternoon sun on rolling hills in Custer State Park, SD.


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6 Responses to Rolling Hills, South Dakota

  1. JimTaylor says:

    Would “rolling hills” have anything to do with the popularity of British TV series set in Yorkshire?
    Jim T

  2. Jim Robertson says:

    The Prairies certainly have some lovely rolling hills, something us eastern-borne types get to enjoy unless we travel west.

    The Palouse, in Washington state, takes the cake I think, I gotta travel west again to see them someday.

  3. Are rolling landscapes lovely because they seem habitable? One can imagine walking to and fro, setting up home and garden, providing for animals. These photos make me think of the The Shire and of the part of southern Ontario where I live.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – As I remember the explanation, it had to do with being land that was good for game (offering them food and varied habitat), and good for hunting game (offering hunters cover). I hadn’t thought of the Shire connection here, but I surely saw hills in New Zealand that looked like that, maybe explaining why they filmed down there.

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