Bracts, Gilbert AZ and Costa Rica

Metro Phoenix is lousy with bougainvillea (red, pink, coral, purple) planted in embankments all along the extensive freeway system.

My neighbourhood, Gilbert, is lousy with bougainvillea (mostly red) planted in medians and beside parking lots.

Close-up of red bracts of bougainvillea

The coloured bits that I never seem to tire of photographing are not flowers but, rather, bracts – last seen by me in Costa Rica in a significantly different form.




  1. JimTaylor

    When we were in Cuba (my goodness, a long time ago now) I earned extra points from our guide in the botanical gardens somewhere. “What colour is the bougainvillea flower,”she asked. Everyone else chorused the range of colours visible before us. “White,” I said, and basked her in approval.
    Jim T

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