Mourning Dove, Gilbert AZ

Birds might as well be people:

  • Some are small, some are large
  • Some can’t sit still, some repose as a core competence
  • Some like to hide in bushes, some like to display themselves on pillars

OK, maybe not that last one exactly.

These mourning doves are everywhere in this part of Arizona: too many wheres, really, given their gets-on-your-nerves bloody endless cooing.

But sometimes one cooperates in a photo shoot, redeeming itself somewhat.

Close-up of mourning dove with head facing backwards.


  1. Jim Taylor

    In Africa, we learned the words to some dove calls. E.g., “I am… a red-eyed-dove. I am… a red-eyed-dove…” Too bad they didn’t have a bigger vocabulary.
    Jim T

  2. Marion

    The ‘gets-on-your-nerves bloody endless cooing’ of “I am a grey dove sitting on the wire” seems to be everywhere in the part of Arizona that I frequent as well. Except when the hawks come by. Then it’s eerily quiet.

  3. John Whitman

    Isabel – there are mourning doves all over the place in Egypt as well. Now every time I hear that endless cooing it reminds me of waking up in Ismailia to the sound of that damned cooing.
    After the morning doves, the donkeys started braying – so it was impossible to sleep in past sun rise – even if you wanted to.

    1. Isabel Gibson

      Jim R – Thanks! If I understand her, she’s saying it can be hard for humans to locate the origin of the sound – maybe not so much for other birds. And you’re right – that text combination is hard on the eyes.

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