Waterfall, Chandler AZ

Good photographs require both some technical skill and an “eye.” Maybe all art does.

For me, what that means is that learning how to use the manual settings to take long exposures that aren’t overexposed (of flowing water during the day, for example) is only the first part of the challenge: Choosing a creatively interesting exposure and composition is just as necessary here as in every other area of photography. Having a capable camera and knowing how to use it is necessary, but not sufficient.

I took said camera and my tripod out to Veterans Oasis Park in Chandler in mid-February, choosing early morning so I could try long exposures in semi-daylight, to blur the water. Of the 20 or so shots I took, this is the only one I like much at all. I guess the idea is to practice wherever I am, so that when I’m somewhere with a great view, I have the skill to get the picture I want.

Long-exposure shot of rocky waterfall.


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2 Responses to Waterfall, Chandler AZ

  1. Jim Robertson says:

    Nice capture Isabel.
    I find, like you, I take multiple shots trying to get water motion the way I like, most if not all, get deleted. I certainly like yours here.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Jim – Thanks! At least in these set-ups there’s an opportunity to get essentially the same shot several times. Unlike those pesky airborne birds, for example.

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