Walterdale Bridge #2, Edmonton

In September 2016 I was astounded to see the almost-complete new Walterdale Bridge. I had some fun getting photos of it from different vantage points, angles, and distances.

In Edmonton again a few weeks ago, I tromped around the edges of the still-under-construction site. This bridge was originally scheduled to open in fall 2015, then pushed back to September 2016, and is now scheduled – if we can use such a definite word in this case – for September 2017.

We’ll see.

But even under construction, it’s magnificent. And as the work progresses, it’s possible to get at new places to stand.


Angled view of new Walterdale Bridge and surrounding construction zone

Side view showing adjacent pedestrian bridge


Straight-on shot of arches of new Walterdale Bridge still under construction

Still under construction – but Wow!



And for those with a head for heights,
here’s a look at what might be the longest, pedestrian, suspension bridge,
built in Switzerland.

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4 Responses to Walterdale Bridge #2, Edmonton

  1. Laurna Tallman says:

    I have no head for heights, the Swiss can keep their Zermatt torture trail, but I share your love of bridges, even when they look like an advertisement for hamburgers. I am not sure why the CBC memorialized the burning of the Mayerthorpe Bridge in Alberta over a year ago, but I wondered if that had been one of your beautifully photographed bridges.

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Laurna – I can’t imagine crossing that Swiss bridge, either. Yikes! I get woozy on a 6-foot step ladder. I’ve never seen the Mayerthorpe trestle bridge, but the Lethbridge one is magnificent, as are several other trestle bridges. In many cases I wonder who first said, “I know! Let’s throw a bridge across this here enormous ditch!” but building bridges seems to be part of our nature.

  2. Jim Taylor says:

    I think you’re an engineer at heart.
    Jim T

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