Thousand Islands Bridge, Hill Island ON

In April, I tried and failed to do a photo shoot of this 80-year-old bridge.  The weather wasn’t great, but the real problem was that neither the walkway nor the observation tower were open yet for the season.

In July, I tried and succeeded, challenged only by the spider webs that threatened to choke off the walkway.  

Minty-green bridge (drive-through truss and cable-stayed) snaking through dark-green trees.

View from observation tower south of the Canadian section of the bridge.


First superstructure for cable-stayed section of bridge.

View of north end of Canadian section.

In situ, it looks almost delicate: It is, after all, covering a big span.  Just how big the bridge really is was easier to see from the walkway, where I could get close to the structure supporting the cables.

Superstructure of bridge, showing size of cables.

View from spider-webbed walkway.  I’m just sayin’.


Suspension cable, with hand to indicate scale.

View of cable. Oh yeah, and the St. Lawrence River, like that matters.







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