Pink Coneflower and Black Spruce, Lake Clear ON

Well, OK, unless you’d been there you might not be able to tell that the darkness looming in the background is a pair of black spruce trees.

But it is/was.

I like the juxtaposition of the annual coneflower, already gone to seed, and the decades-old spruce trees.

Single stem of pink-petalled flower in foreground; black spruce looming in background.






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2 Responses to Pink Coneflower and Black Spruce, Lake Clear ON

  1. Laurna Tallman

    It’s nice to be there with you, especially since your camera sees better than my bespectacled eyes. Deep contrasts in very attractive colours and shapes show better in the photo than they did in situ. You know how to pick them, Isabel.

    • Isabel Gibson

      Laurna – Yes, that whole depth-of-field thing can generate some improvements on the original – or, at least, some new views.

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