“I hope they’ve changed their roster of movies.”

Resigning myself to another flight, I’m grumping to the Big Guy. Having flown too many times since mid-April, I’ve seen everything worth seeing and a few things not.

My selection is limited from the outset, with most offerings targeting a demographic other than mine: young, male, and illiterate, judging several movies by the first five minutes. All dark hulking intensity with fifty punches thrown and one line of dialogue that might as well have been thrown away.

“Who you lookin’ at?” Whack whack.

As a quick survey confirms my suspicions — No new movies yet–I reluctantly select “Weirdos.”  My expectations are low. I mean, you do the math: a quirky Canadian movie set in 1976 and filmed in black and white. A coming-of-age movie, for goodness sake: I’m definitely not the target demographic. Sigh.

But after the first five minutes I put down my crossword puzzle and give my whole attention to the tiny screen. After 85 minutes, I’m actually scribbling down the closing lines of dialogue.

“So what happens now?” asks Kit, the teenaged hero who is coming to terms with his sexuality.
“Whatever’s possible,” responds Kit’s spirit animal, who takes the form of an Andy Warhol lookalike wearing a really bad Andy Warhol wig. (Told you it was quirky.)

It’s heartfelt, but not sentimental. Heartbreaking, but not hopeless.

Maybe you had to be there. Maybe I had to be where I was: cast adrift by retirement and bereavement.

So what happens now? Whatever’s possible.

All right then. Time to get on with my own coming of age.







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8 Responses to Weirdos

  1. Tom Watson says:

    Sounds as if what classes as “weirdos” is in the eye of the be-see-er (is that the right way to spell that?)

    • Isabel Gibson says:

      Tom – Yes, that’s how I’d spell it, maybe sans hyphens. I think the movie nicely made the point that we’re all weirdos, one way or another.

  2. The most boring people, to me, are the ones that are trying to be “normal”. Whatever that is.

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