Dragonfly, Echo Bay ON

It was the day of the solar eclipse, but we weren’t in the zone of totality.  That was bad, but it got worse.

It started out completely overcast and then rained for a while during the period of partial coverage.  The quality of light outside the window never changed.

But even though there was no visible effect from the eclipse, the day wasn’t a total waste.  As I peered out the window into the gray day, I saw an odd shape.

Wings of dragonfly sticking out behind a daisy.

It’s really hard to hide well.

Side view of dragonfly hanging onto flower petal.

In trying to describe this photo (one of the behind-the-scenes things required/possible when I upload a photo), I was stumped for the flower name.  I guessed “daisy” but figured that was likely wrong, so I checked with the gardener.  It’s a bronze osteospermum, and I quote Wiki on this matter:

Osteospermum /ˌɒstiəˈspɜːrməm, –ti-/, the daisybushes is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the Calenduleae, one of the smaller tribes of the sunflower/daisy family Asteraceae.

So there you have it: It is a daisy.  Sometimes we know more than we think we do.








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2 Responses to Dragonfly, Echo Bay ON

  1. Lovely.

    My sister in California waited until the eclipse to go to Emergency for her cut leg which was not healing well. She figured everybody would be outside. She was right. Only 3 people there and she got looked after just fine.

    Sometimes you don’t get what you want, but what you need. In your case, a new bit of data to share on-line. And that gorgeous dragonfly hanging on for dear life. (Also, really liked that “stained-glass” butterfly you photographed in C.R. Never seen such a thing!)