Dragonfly, Echo Bay ON

It was a windy but sunny day at the lake, and the wasps, bees, and dragonflies were out in abundance, albeit not always perched for very long.

Without a macro lens, the best I can do is crop my photos.

Sometimes, that’s good enough for me.

Close-up of dragonfly on weed seedhead.

A smiley face . . . Who knew?





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4 Responses to Dragonfly, Echo Bay ON

  1. Jim Robertson

    Nice capture Isabel. One nice thing about dragonflies is that frequently come back to the same spot to rest making easier to get a decent shot, even with cropping.

    • Isabel Gibson

      Jim R – Well, you’d think so . . . On the other hand, I have many fuzzy shots of dragonflies. That head is a mighty small target!

  2. Judith

    Congratulations on capturing a dragonfly – especially on a windy day! (Cropping is an essential part of photography – no apologies please.)

    • Isabel Gibson

      Judith – I’m just lusting after a macro lens, instead of using my zoom. Of course, the bugs might see me coming, and get themselves going!

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